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Cookies For Santa 

Age 4 years+

Annie's letter to Santa reveals her disappointment: this year, her busy parents won't have time to make cookies with her for Christmas. But fear not! Team Beyond to the rescue! They've cooked up an interactive cookie-making extravaganza that's sure to delight audiences of all ages. Join Annie and Team Beyond on a festive adventure that promotes mindfulness and is packed with fun!


The Trip

Age 4 years+

Join Captain Nah Nah and her intrepid space crew as they navigate the cosmos in search of a way back home! After crash-landing on a mysterious planet, they must recharge their spaceship, locate their whereabouts, and find a way back home. Along the way, they face various stressors but learn to combat their anxieties together. Join the team on this exciting journey of self-discovery and intergalactic exploration!


Be You Butterfly 

Age 4 years+

Before the grand Butterfly Ball, a pair of youthful caterpillars serenade each other with dreams of their transformation for the grandest affair in the garden realm. Yet, as the story unfolds, they learn that soaring beyond the lofty standards imposed by others is not always within reach. This enchanting story weaves a tale of embracing one's form with grace and joy.


A Story about Refugees & Crochet 

+14 years+

Hooked is a collaboration with Grassroots Future ; an initiative to give refugees a better quality of life through engaging activities. Join us for a captivating show that explores the lives and loves of refugees in Hong Kong, featuring the art of crochet. Through this immersive experience, you'll gain insight into the refugee experience and have the opportunity to participate in a crochet workshop. This event is suitable for all audiences, but offers drama and dance students the chance to devise their own movement pieces and become a part of the show. Don't miss this unique opportunity for education, empathy, and artistic expression!

We can also adapt classic stories and create new work.
For more information please contact Davina on +852 9135 5152

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