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Current Projects & Courses

Ongoing Workshops & Lessons 

Book a role-play, actors or improv workshop for your   company, school or a private group at your clubhouse.

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The Actors Gym


Actors Lab, Mondays, 12 Apr - 31 May (8 sessions)

multilevel class perfect for beginners

improve and refine your technique

improv games, scene work

end with a friend & family showcase

Actors Workshop, Mondays, 12 Apr-31 May (8 sessions)

for the working actor

audition techniques

script analysis

on camera work

in depth partner work

Meisner 1 and 2, Wednesdays, 14 Apr - May 19 (6 sessions)

deepen your work with the Meisner technique

learn to focus on your scene partner

stop acting and start living in your work

Next Theatre Projects:


The Aliens by Annie Baker in production with Dove Tales Theater Company, dates coming soon!


The Restaurant is in development in association with The Nesbitt Centre.


'The Boy Who Chased His Tail' by Greg March is a children's story which is currently being adapted into a theatrical experience. More info to come.

International Festival Hong Kong

LCSD sponsored Shakespeare4All to create 15 Charlie Chaplin inspired films for life after Covid19. We got to create and direct 5. Information on where to view coming soon.



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The Intervention

Reimagined on Zoom

26th & 27th March 5th & 6th April

A group of school teachers intervene upon their friend with the help of podcast wellness guru Zhen. The Intervention takes place on zoom.

Cast: Sarah Wun, Amy Percival, Shafin Azim, Eugene Hsiang and Chloe Grimmett.

The Abortion

We Are Women Festival March 2020


Seven women interviewed with one question: “What do you remember the day of your abortion?”. Davina Cooke strips each woman’s transcripts apart at every 7th line and presents the piece with 7 actresses, they deliver the verbatim script with no intention. The unattached, expressionless voice with torn apart script echoes the sterile act, the loneliness and personal tone in each woman's story. There are seven mirrors to represent each woman interviewed.

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The Funeral

15th December 2019 3pm & 7.30pm

Hong Kong Arts Centre

A group of high school friends are reunited 10 years later at the funeral of their friend Katie. We see that perhaps although things seem to change perhaps they never really do.

This 60 minute show includes dance and a great sound track with Nina Simone, The Doors and Dusty Springfield.

Cast: Stephanie Renae Lau, Shravya Agarwal, Chris Carmon Jr, Lauren Berning, Candace Job, Jemima Gdabgo, Natasha Jain, Chloe Grimmett, Namrata Bindra.

Choreography & Lighting Design: Marek Steenkamp

Stage Assistant: Tatiana Fernandez

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The Intervention

11th December 2018 7.30pm

Hong Kong Arts Centre

John has struggled with addiction for much of his adult life. His family and estranged friends decide to confront him with a "professional" from the Internet. The night before The Intervention he is visited by "friends".

CAST: Ivan Idzik, Marek Steenkamp, Renae Rufus, Lina Berglund, Vanessa Krebs, Laura Mealiffe, Tao Stein

Story, Director & Producer: Davina Lee Carrete

Movement: Marek Steenkamp

Lighting: Neil Harris



Treasure Chest Theatre is run by Davina Lee Carrete.

Each production is a cast of creatives and people that have never performed together before. Together using Meisner techniques, improvisation, movement and a story structure they design a performance to provoke thought, entertain and tell a story. 

Along side adult productions Davina runs Treasure Chest Theatre School. Courses are run throughout the year teaching a wide range of skills and techniques to both adults and kids..


Davina Lee Carrete is an actress from London, England. Trained in London and in the U.S. 

She moved to Hong Kong 2015.


She has performed all over the world with theatre companies and as a musician including Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Melbourne Comedy festival and Manila Improv Festival. She is also a songwriter, playwright and director.


In Hong Kong she belongs to comedy improv group TBC. Provides voice overs and is an actress for film, tv and theatre.

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Tel: (+852)9135 5152

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